Mission statement

Enable aviation industry and society to cope with current and future challenges by delivering affordable outstanding research , consulting and training services across a range of areas to lead the development of national aviation industries and contribute positively to the growth of MROs, Airlines (Cargo/Passengers), Airports, Ground handlers, Governments and Civil Aviation Authority.

Our principles

  • Tangible results
  • Your success is our reward
  • Confidentiality is our prime concern
  • Locally Customized solutions


Every one of us strives to move Aviation industry forward and support our customers’ sustainable development. From employee selection, to qualification, to deployment: our portfolio offers everything to enable our business partners and customers to cost-effectively meet their current and future needs.


We practice and experience our values at every level of the company. A passion for people and aviation drives us to train others – and ourselves. The power behind our performance comes from the commitment, individual initiative and conscientiousness of each employee.



PAYA was founded in Tehran in 2016 with office in Sweden. At PAYA we believe that society’s demand for transport and mobility can be met in a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and economically viable manner. To achieve this, beside training experts effectively, policy and business decisions have to be based on objective information. With our diverse team of specialists and generalists PAYA provides pragmatic solutions and expert advice, based on high-quality data-driven analyses.
PAYA portfolio consists of Consultancy, training, research services with teams that include experienced aviation experts, executives, financial analysts and aviation leaders.

Cooperation partner

Our consultants work in close cooperation with our Partners to assist our clients in achieving their goals. An overview of our partners can be seen below.

  • Aviation Quality Services
  • Association of Iranian Airline
  • Iran Civil aviation organization
  • Iran Airport Company


PAYA works across the aviation value chain – from airlines, Cargo operator, maintenance organizations, public authorities, air navigation service providers and aerospace equipment makers to airports and investors and travel agents to help our clients navigate the complexities and uncertainties of the changing aviation industry.